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A new friend in the forest by Elisabetta - B1 level

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Postato il: 16/05/21
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A new friend in the forest

Elisabetta Somigli B1

They had been walking for two hours in a beautiful forest, when one of the two friends stopped because he had seen something. The other friend turned back and asked his companion why he had stopped. The friend said he had seen something move on the tree. The two friends looked at the tree and looked for what had moved. One whispered to the other that it was probably a squirrel and the other looking better realized that in fact it was a squirrel. He took a sandwich out of his backpack and he began to crumble it to feed the squirrel. 

At first the squirrel did not trust him but then he started to eat without having any more worries. The two friends stayed the rest of the afternoon in the company of the squirrel and then they started to walk again.


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